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Two courses for emerging market investors

Assessing investment opportunities and deal structuring

15 & 16 November 2016

Private equity negotiation skills

17 & 18 November 2016


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Assessing investment opportunities and
deal structuring

This is a comprehensive and intensive two-day course.

Who should attend?

Anyone who has a professional interest in, and requires a closer understanding of, how investment opportunities are assessed, deals are structured and the investment process is managed.

As well as private equity practitioners the course is highly relevant to professional advisors, bankers and structured finance providers.

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Why should you attend?

This focused and carefully structured course will give you:

  • a toolkit of deal assessment and investment skills which can be put into immediate practice
  • a framework to help you examine complex and challenging investment opportunities
  • a deal filtering model which will enable you to sift investment proposals objectively

Just three reasons why more than 200 firms, including some of the most successful investors, bankers and advisors have chosen Fulcrum as their training provider.

The course in outline

  • Deal type, risk and characteristics
  • Deal structuring
  • Measurement of investment returns
  • Financial instruments
  • Unquoted equity valuations

In-house courses

If you are interested in running an in-house course please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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