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Two courses for emerging market investors

Assessing investment opportunities and deal structuring

15 & 16 November 2016

Private equity negotiation skills

17 & 18 November 2016


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Assessing investment opportunities and
deal structuring

Deal type, risk and characteristics

The features and characteristics of the principal private equity deal types

For each deal type an analysis of:

  • typical market issues
  • risk and reward and
  • negotiation and structuring points

Deal structuring

The importance of structure in private equity deals
The impact and use of internal and external leverage
Using structure to reduce risk and maximise total returns
Structuring deals to enhance exit opportunities
The impact of deal pricing

Measurement of investment returns

What has been risked?
What kind of returns should you target?
The inherent dangers of IRR
The impact of individual investment returns on portfolio returns and fund performance

Financial instruments

The practical use of different financial instruments in deal structures
The commercial rights and protections attaching to most commonly used financial instruments
Choosing the best instruments


Introduction to unquoted equity valuations
Choosing the most appropriate valuation technique
The consequences of getting it wrong

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